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Huge comic book fan raising my children the same way.
Michael Carline

This is an end credit scene to set up everything we know is about to happen in DC cinematic universe.

We can hear a conversation between three people at a private club.

Woman: So what do you make of this one?

Man: It's not like he is our first alien we have had to deal with have to say at this point probably won't be the last.

Second Man: True but the Martian wasn't like him. He won't be controlled.

Woman: No he won't but we have plans for all of them. This one is hard to plan for we don't even know his weakness.

Man: I'm working on it everyone has one. How are my suggestions for the new team going.

Second Man: Working on it I have them all on board but the clown he is being troublesome.

Woman: Did you expect less. So the teams are coming along. The Heroes and the contingency plan The Suice Squad. You two clear on your roles.

Zoom in and we have Amanda Waller, Bruce Wayne, and Lex Luther sitting at a table together.

Lex: Don't worry Amanda have we ever let you down.

Bruce: If it is the League or the Suicide Squad Justice will always win out.

Bruce puts his glass down and walks out.


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