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The real reason that DC have no problem is that WB own all DC comic superheroes, so they can do whatever they want.

The reason I had Marvel involved because they are complete mess because least 20 years they sell superheroes all over places known as New Line Cinemas for Blade, Fox for X-men, Fantastic Four,Silver Surfer, DareDevil Universal for Hulk, Ghost Rider and Spiderman for Columbia Sony,Punisher for Lionsgate and last Disney that they can use The Avengers, but couple years, they got Punisher,Blade, ghost Rider back, and for now, the got Spiderman back. X-men,Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer is stuck with Fox. They should have worked together and it would be more successful financially and increase viewers and fans' interest and high entertainment. Many of us would like to see them team up for massive movie one day, but problem is they won't work together which is selfish thing to do. X-men and Fantastic Four is part of Avengers universe in comics. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver is Magneto's kids no matter what. They are too scared to share their permission. Fans are very disappointed with that type of thing. There are many comic reader are faithful to their interest with heroes' original stories. Most of them dislike how Hollywood run things that DC can with Justice League. Some of heroes is messed up in movie like X-men is little lack action with wolverine and no iconic mask. They rushed Silver Surfer in fantastic four and got ruined. Ghost rider movies was mess. DC had their movies laid out with no problem and just had TV shows aired. They were successful. There was minor problem for TV shows that they can't use Batman or Superman for their own reason. Smallville had one major problem is not including batman because he is Superman's close ally until He was written in Season 11 of comic book.

I believe Marvel is huge problem than DC does.


Which one have huge mess throughout years?


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