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Lucas Daniels

Over the coming weeks the internet will be flooding with Ant-Man primers getting the general population ready for our favorite criminal turned hero Scott Lang a.k.a The Ant-Man. Today we are talking about the Helmet that Ant-Man wears, its various functions and abilities.

Hank Pym ( the original Ant-Man ) the discoverer of the "Pym Particle" was first to wear the crown and assign it's functions.

It's original design was focused primarily on communication with insects, mostly ants (duh).

Over the years as technology evolved so did the helmet. The newest cinematic version worn by Scott Lang ( played by Paul Rudd ) and it's particular intricacies are still a mystery but I wouldn't be surprised if we see functionality similar to Google Glass or perhaps Tony Stark lends some of his user interface technology to the project.


Will Tony Stark be involved in Ant-Man ?


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