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Alright, if you like speculating movies and Jurassic Park, then this is just for you! Here's the skinny: with Jurassic World coming out, there is one question that barely anyone (if anyone at all) is asking. The question is...

How is there a new Jurassic Park-like theme park when the dinosaurs from the original park are protected by the authorities?

Remember how in The Lost World John Hammond says that the government has declared the island a nature preserve? This means that no one is allowed on the island. This leads us to wonder: how could we do Jurassic Park again when we're not allowed to do it on the same island? Now this question has three possible answers (maybe more, but here's three for now). Each one will be carefully examined so that the most likely reason for the very possibility of Jurassic World's existence can be discovered:

#1 – It's the same park as Jurassic Park

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Now while this theory is in my opinion most likely to be the case, I have no idea why the government and general public would allow scientists to do this again (create a live-dinosaur park, not an inevitable accident). However, whether we know why or not, it's still a possible reason because it there is a trivial fact on IMDB (you can find it at the bottom of the page here) that makes it possible. Also, on the same page, (towards the bottom), it says that the T-Rex from Jurassic Park will be in Jurassic World, and the park uses the same map as the one in Jurassic Park.

#2 – It's a different island this time, so the scientists somehow obtained dinosaurs from the original island

This has some sense to it because there could be characters in the movie that do dirty work for some very rich people (possibly InGen?), with an agenda for making dinosaurs a theme-park attraction. Also, it's possible that the T-Rex from Jurassic Park (mentioned above) could have been taken to another island as well (or not, which helps theory #1).

#3 – The Barbasol can

Actually, this theory occurred to me when I saw this TV spot: (posted by Universal Pictures)

If you've seen Jurassic Park (which you most likely have), then you know that Dennis Nedry (played by Wayne Knight) attempts to steal dinosaur DNA from Jurassic Park, only to later be killed by one of those spitting dinosaurs.

In the process, Dennis drops the Barbasol can that he hides the DNA samples in. Now while Dodgson specified early in the movie that the can will only keep the DNA samples cool for 36 hours (which it's been 22 years!), it's possible that the DNA could still be utilized in some way. After all, it's technology... and science fiction!

Another thing: people could have come across the can while exploring the island (mainly individuals that don't mind trespassing private property so that they can possibly be eaten by a dinosaur). After leaving the island, they check the samples, find out that they're from dinosaurs, and they begin a new park on a new island.

Well, those are just some possibilities. I guess we won't know for sure until next Friday, but until then...


Which dinosaur "origin" do you think will happen in Jurassic World?


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