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Superheroes are awesome

1- Blue beetle

Blue beetle to me is a very good hero who needs some recognition. The reason a blue beetle television show is because it would introduce space in the DC/CW universe and would include Black beetle and even the green beetle. Also it would be a good time for it but I can't say because it spoil alert people if they haven't watched the season 3 final of arrow

2- Martian man hunter

Also with the space theme, I reckon he would make a great addition to the DC/CW Universe. Maybe he could join the legion of tomorrow then leave to get his own show about his origin. Also it would be cool to have an alien in the DC/CW Universe

3- A All Female team up Show

The reason for this is, there is a lot of sexism going on at the moment and I think a all female team up show would be a good idea, also it's also a good time to do that at the moment because of the female ghostbusters and all female expendables movies coming out

4- Legion of superheroes

Keeping in the theme of teams, I think a show would be really funny and awesome

5- A Villain Team Up Show

I know I've said a lot of team up shows but a villain team up show I think would be good because it would show a villains point of view on things. I personally would like either Grodd or merlyne to form the team

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