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I have plenty of good video games that I think they should become movie one day.

1. Halo series

They had least 7 video games and soon will be 8th game coming up with Halo 5. I would like to see them become movie starting with first game through 3rd game then have prequel to show how it started in first place. It is like Rises of the planet of the Apes type of feel to it with alien and world and stuff. It would blow our mind off. Halo movie series should be next Star Wars in the same categories. They could develop Halo Shared universe like Marvel and DC. They should follow The hobbit formats like break first games into three movie and follow the same through out second and third movie. Same with prequel, as meaning would be like 10 movies including prequel for trilogy then same for next trilogy like Halo 4 through 6 like least 20 movies equal successful surpass Star Wars, Avatar, Marvel, and DC box office easily. If they decide to do shared universe, they can do comedy spin off movie based on Red vs Blue web-series and have Rooster Teeth production be part of it and help to make it successful and never done before by hiring web-series. They should make it more simple by show how these characters from Red vs Blue become who they are and maybe team up with Master Chief someday if they can.

2. Gears of War series

Same as Halo series by breaking trilogy into three movie each like 10 movies with prequel included. It is like mixed with Lord of the rings, Halo, and walking dead. This movie should be mind of roller coaster like crazy nonstop actions with cool realistic cgi and special effects. This movies would leave us wanting more until the end of the story more satisfying ending.

3. Tomb Raider(reboot)

This video game of Tomb raider does feel like movie when played throughout game and felt like I am inside the game and dealing the problem. This game is like mind puzzle game throughout and it feel extremely realistic as far I played until end was going through tunnel until next one comes out. I think this game can be so simple to adapt into movie and more realistic than Angelina Jolie's Tomb raider movie. Lara Croft is around 21 or 23 years old college girl. It is like batman Begins and Arrow mix together. This game remind me more of Arrow on how Oliver Queen become green Arrow, but same concept from that can be simple with Lara Croft becoming who she is meant to be from past iconic game and played like prequel and reboot altogether toward Angelina Jolie's Tomb raider. Another resemble to the Arrow is this game take place on the island. These are cool idea that Hollywood should come up without any problem with storytelling by follow same concept from game and come up with some creative ideas in mix.

4. Mario series

They made cheesy and worst Mario movie based on game by making some of character humans from 90's. Now, since the technology improved, they can re-adapt them into realistic movies. They can able to come up the most creative ways to get to multi worlds to get through own battle in order to save Princess Peach. They can develop the story and background story on Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and iconic infamous villain Bowser. They can even like follow similar format as fast and the furious so they can have characters team up like Mario,Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Princess, Daisy, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi. It would contain plenty of special effect and cgi with Mario having fireball, shrink, enlarge, ability to fly, and many other things with those characters. Kids would love to see this to happen and even Mario fans growing up like Super Mario 64 would be fun game to adapt into movie.

5. Sonic the Hedgehog series

This would be kind of similar to Mario series, but have more character to look into and how it to play into movies. There are more than couple things they can do with Sonic and his characters follow same format like fast and the Furious having massive teamup against evil Dr.Egghead and other villains. If they can do Quicksilver's super-speed, Smallville's Clark Kent's super-speed, and CW's Flash's super-speed, then can apply that special effect on Sonic and others. They succeed with Rocket Raccoon in Guardian of the Galaxy. It is like same as Guardian of the Galaxy with those characters.

6. Prototype

This would be the most interesting game that should adapt into and it would be classified as horror because the main character kills people to gain the power. It is kind of messed up. It is like mixed with Serial Killer with superpower and more like Super villain movie, but bad guy go against bad people type of movie. I would imagine this would be rated extremely hard R which is NOT for small children to see this movie because it would be extremely violent like crazy as hell.

7. Dead Island

This would be most interesting to see it turned into big screen. It would be like Walking Dead on Island. Many Walking Dead fans would adores to see this movie to be made. It is all about surviving through island to get off the island and would be so terrifying to see many tourist and vacation families get ruined by zombies all over the places. Only way to do this is get some experts from Walking Dead to do this movie properly and able to get it straight. Use the same type of zombie's make up and work from Walking dead. It is the most terrifying zombies ever done and succeeded.

8. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

This video game be lot interesting get adapted into movie that can take same place as Star Wars universe. They wrote books about it also with lot of information. How interesting would it to be how all it started with Jedi, The force, and sith. It would make great trilogy with last trilogy that tied up to 6 star wars movies including Yoda and Chewbacca. It would keep fans more tuned. It would be cool if they do it after Star Wars 7 through 9, I personally want them to do 10th also or they can do trilogy starting with 10 through 12 as pre-prequel. Not worry about episode 13 unless they do Force Unleashed game adaption with Darth Vader with secret apprentice, Star Killer.

9. Dead Space

It would be interesting to see horror movie that take place in outer space that intense to see all the crazy thing going on in space like human evolving into creature would be terrifying as hell. It is like Halo meet silent hill type of feeling to it.

10. Turok series

I heard many people talking about Jurassic park dinosaurs having guns is the most dumbest thing ever heard. I am huge curious why don't they check into Turok because they have dinosaurs that carries guns. I have not play this video games, but i heard it have more actions. It like take Jurassic Park concept with guns. They can use same cgi from Jurassic Park to portray dinosaurs. It would crazier than Jurassic Park with mindblowing actions with dinosaur hunter.


Which one do you want to see to get adapted?


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