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Josh Goldenberg

Hey guys, I got into an argument with someone close about how I spend a lot of time on things that pertain to comics and other fictional media and that it is "a colossal waste of time." I need your help. This person seems to think I am the only one that is into this stuff the way I am...I WANT YOU TO PROVE THEM WRONG!!! Post links, pics, comments, ect, in the comments about what you love about comics and fictional media and how important it is to you. The point is to prove that this stuff is NOT a waste of time!

So, Comic fans, Movie Geeks, Superhero fan-boys (girls), cos-players, Dc fans, Marvel Fans, gamers...LETS UNITE TO SHOW THESE PEOPLE WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE STAND FOR! LEAVE A COMMENT TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!


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