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A slow zoom in into the head of an unknown man sets the scene. As it comes close to the forehead, everything goes black. Several scenes begin to unfold, but distorted and hard to understand. The unknown man manages to make out a skinny man training at an army recruitment camp, and the same man entering a strange machine and coming out larger.

He recognizes that man as himself as they continue, blurred and with muffled sounds and voices, as if he is underwater. He's on a train, and he sees another man, someone he recognizes as a friend, fall from a great height to what seems like certain death. He sees himself flying and crashing a plane into ice. He sees all new strange, wonderful things; sights of aliens and gods and monsters.

The voices can be heard more clearly now, but they all seem to be saying words he can't quite make out. He realizes he is dreaming, or reliving memories from his past. He sees his friend, the one who fell from the train, now with an arm of metal. He's attacking him and is confused as to why. He can make out his voice now, and he hears him utter a single sentence.

"Who the hell is Bucky?"

The memories start moving faster now. He sees men of metal roaming the earth, a giant green creature and people with incredible powers.

The voices begin to speak more clearly now, and he is almost overwhelmed with what they are saying.

"A man out of time" one says, more distinct then the rest

The visions begin to warp and change into what seem like nightmares. He sees a girl, a beautiful girl, fading away. He sees a battle in the streets of some strange city. He sees people fighting, and he knows they must be allies. Not just allies, but friends. He sees the steps of a courthouse. A loud bang is heard and everything goes dark once more.

A singular voice protrudes from the darkness.

"What made you so special?"

A different voice responds. A voice he knows and recognizes as his own.

"Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."

Steve Rogers' eyes dart open. Sweat drips down his face as he looks around at his surroundings. He is in a strange room, laying on a bed while connected to some kind of life support system. He tries to get up, but is stopped when he feels a stabbing pain in his shoulder, which forces him back onto the bed. When he looks to see what's causing the pain, he notices stitches covering up some kind of wound.

"Gunshot wound. Wouldn't try to get up if I were you," a voice says from across the room, slightly sarcastically. "It might sting for a little while, but you'll be feeling fine soon enough."

Steve looks toward the mystery speaker, and he is left speechless when their eyes meet. After several seconds of silence, he manages to say a single word.

"Phil?" Steve states in disbelief.

"Oddly enough," Coulson says, "This is the second time i've been hovering above you while you were hooked up to some strange machine and unconscious. Small world, huh?"

"I don' are you..." Steve stops and thinks for a second. "You died. Loki stabbed you and you died."

"Well I guess that makes two of us then." says Coulson, amused. "Minus the Loki stabbing thing. If you haven't guessed it yet, yes, you died. You were shot on your way to be tried for what you did during the Registration Act. We grabbed you and brought you here."

Phil gestures around to the room they are in. It's small, very clean, and made mostly of metal with a single door. The machine Steve is connected to takes up most of the space, and the rest is filled with chairs and various medical instruments located on a large counter top.

"Where exactly is here?" Steve asks, more confused than angry.

"Tahiti." Coulson states, but quickly adds, "Well, not actually Tahiti. You're inside of the Tahiti program, which was designed to bring back fallen Avengers."

"How come I didn't know about this?" Steve asks.

"Because you didn't need to. And as it turns out, seems to be a lot you didn't know, Mr. Rogers." Coulson replies as he walks over to the door, punches a few numbers into the keypad that controls it, and allows the door to open. "For starters, you aren't the first Avenger that this program has been used on."

"What other Avengers-" Steve begins to ask before he is cut off with the arrival of a second person to his room.

"What?" says a man with a very distinct Eastern European accent. "You didn't see that coming?"


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