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Alright so I'd like to get this topic poppin by saying theirs been a huge debate about who would win in this epic VS match....question is who would win?now just to let you guys know I'm not picking sides I'll let you guys know in my opinion who I think would win at the end of this article, I'm not here to start any arguments.

First where does each hero get their strengths??

Alright so we all know how this works Superman gets his strenght from the sun and Goku gets all his energy from transformations and gathering energy from the Earth and people on Earth, But how strong are they at their peak of their full strengths? Now it is said that Goku can lift up to1.6 quadrillion tons in his 4th form ssj4 (super saiyan 4)... But Superman is able to lift up to 66.6 quintillion tons! Difference much? The 66.6 quintillion tons were calculated when super man once moved the earth, us all knowing he has lifted much more.

Why most people wanna see this huge fight?

The reason why most people wanna see this fight is because, who doesn't? I mean hear me out here their both from a different planet, sent to Earth by their parents when their planet was just about at its end, and both started with nothing and found someone that cared about them at a young age. They each have their own younique powers and weaknesses. They also both easily could have become villains if not found by the specific person that chose to take them in.

Who has the upper hand?

In my honest opinion I don't know who would have the upper hand sure Superman is stronger in strength but what about all their other abilities? So Goku has the most famous kamehameha, the spirit bomb, solar flare, etc... While Super man has the heat vision, freezing breath, super strength, etc... Superman has the upper hand in strength but Goku would have an upper hand with his abilities according to his wicked amount of KI! In all honesty this is a battle you'll have to see to be able to tell because fanboys take more of one side without taking into consideration of what the opponent can do...

Why I think this would be a good match!

The reason I think this would be a good match would be well because they both have incredibly amazing stories on how they became who they are today, very similar for that matter! I don't know about you guys but I would honestly love to see this epic match happen! You guys might know much more than me honestly but this without a doubt would be an amazing "what if" to see!!

Thanks for reading!

For all the people that took the time to read this I wasn't really picking at my side, my favorite character without and doubt is Goku hands down but in all honesty I would believe that Superman would probably have the upper hand on this one...But don't let my opinion stop you be my guest drop what you think about this in the comments! And once again thanks for reading!!!!


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