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The Sons of Anarchy season 7 series finale had a bittersweet ending for most. It was a fitting ending considering outlaw lifestyle of these fictional bikers. But, it was a heartbreaking one for some to witness the final fate of the show's main protagonist, Jax Teller. Some don't feel sorry for him which is understandable considering how much he lost his way at times. There's no doubt it was a poignant ending for the leader of SAMCRO.

I've included a spoiler of the series finale below if anyone is interested. My ending may make a little more sense if you read it. But, if you want to watch the series for yourself, you may want to skip.

For his crime of murdering a Sons charter leader in cold blood and lying about the reasons for it, the other charter leaders passed a "Mayhem" sentence on Jax, meaning he had to die for his transgression. Rather than have his own crew carry out the difficult task of putting him to death, Jax took care of the deed himself. While on the run from what seems like every police officer in Southern California, Jax spots his out in the form of a hapless delivery truck driver following his normal route along the highway.

With arms spread and a feeling of serenity he hasn't felt in a good long time, Jax embraces his end and rides his motorcycle headlong into the oncoming truck. The final scene is Jax's blood slowly oozing along the highway.

My ending to Sons Of Anarchy would be a slight variation of the original after the "accident."

End Credits

The end credits roll after the scene of blood on the highway. After the final credit rolls, the scene returns to the highway. Over a dozen police cars and emergency vehicles crowd the area. A body lays in the middle of the road draped by a blood soaked cover. The driver of the delivery truck is sitting in the back of an ambulance an absolute wreck after what's happened.

Flash to the cliffs overlooking the scene. Jax Teller stands surveying all looking very much at peace. Suddenly someone touches his hand. He turns and sees his wife, Tara, standing beside him. They both turn from the cliff and walk arm in arm into the afterlife together. A crow flies overhead.

Queue the Reaper


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