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It was better than I expected.
I figured it was going to be kitschy, even cheesy.

I was wrong.

Will contain many spoilers.


The Hellsing Organization, originally led by Abraham Van Helsing, whose mission is to search for and destroy the supernatural forces that threaten Queen and Country.

Run by Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the First Matriarch and the daughter of Arthur Hellsing. She weilds the most powerful rogue vampire Arucard/Alucard, and his newly sired ward, Seras, in this mission.

The latest threat to come to London is Millennium. Run by The Major: Operating under the Schutzstaffel's (SS) special order no. 666 to create an army of artificial vampires using Mina Harker nee Murray's blood.

During the battle between Hellsing and Millennium, the counter meta-threat branch of the Roman Catholic Church, the Iscariot Organization, headed by Enrico Maxwell.

Followed suit as part of Enrico's power mad scheme to wipe out both factions alongside Londoners caught in the crossfire. Failing due to Arucard/Alucard's familiars.

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing
Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

While Seras and The Irish mercenaries known as the 'Wild Geese'. Who was run by Pip Bernadotte. Were left to protect the Hellsing Organization's property.

Upon his death Pip Bernadotte offers Seras his blood to empower her to help finish the war between Hellsing and Millennium.

The betrayal of Walter C. Dornez, comes to light when Millennium attacks, due to his own fears of being forgotten. Retrieved by Millennium's Captain to be made into an artificial vampire in preparation for his fight against Arucard/Alucard.

The Major drafted him as agent of Millennium within the Hellsing Organization's infrastructure in the aftermath of the World War, after witnessing his ability to use high-velocity monomolecular wires with incredible skill and precision. Which earned him the nickname of the "Angel of Death.".

Seras Victoria And Captain Bernadotte
Seras Victoria And Captain Bernadotte

During the fight between Walter and Arucard/Alucard, as part of the Major's plan to remove Arucard/Alucard from the fight. Schrödinger commits suicide with his body falling into the blood being absorbed by Arucard/Alucard.As a result, Schrödinger losing his sense of self. Arucard/Alucard ends up fading out of existence for the duration of Hellsing's battle with Millennium.

However, managing to master his new ability to re-manifest himself, Arucard/Alucard simply spent the next few decades extinguishing the 3,424,867 souls residing inside him with only Schrödinger's soul remaining.

During this time, Sir Integra and Seras while waiting for Arucard/Alucard's return. End the war, rebuild their lost numbers. They continue the mission, to search for and destroy the supernatural forces. Thirty years goes by and Arucard/Alucard finally returns.

Walter C. Dornez
Walter C. Dornez

Hellsing Ultimate was created after the ending of the original Hellsing anime series. It was intended to be more true to the manga than the anime was.

It has a cohesive plot that is well thought out. Going into great detail without overwhelming the story with those annoying origin stories.Instead they fill in the missing gaps, telling you the back story with brief flashbacks. Still holding all of the emotional draw, pulling you in without spoon-feeding you as to what you should be feeling.

You have a love/hate relationship with some of the characters, and some others you have a hate/hate relationship and you not only want to see them fail. You have a strong desire to see them completely crushed. You are on the edge of your seat just waiting for them to be completely annihilated.

There are also other characters that you just fall in love with, the very moment you see who they truly are. The strength, the sacrifices, everything that they do. Its all for the greater good. Even at the cost of themselves, their lives, and their happiness.

Alucard Level 0
Alucard Level 0

Anime's vary in not only style and content, but also the degree of violence, language, and sexual content used. Many are rated for adult, but are more for teenagers.

However, this particular anime is adult to its very core. They were not afraid to use more violence, language, and even some sexual content, but not too much. There was just enough to heighten the draw. They also have both subbed and dubbed versions. I personally prefer the subbed original Japanese version, because they leave nothing out. You are treated like an adult, with your own mind.

Dubbed English translated anime's are cropped, cut, and the content is dummied down for American viewers. It feels like they are holding your hand, and the moment it becomes too adult. Your hand is smacked and told that its not for you, that you couldn't possibly comprehend it.

The animation has changed hands, even from the original anime. If you know what to look for, you are able to see the differences. They are well drawn out and put together to truly make it an amazing series that is worthy of watching.

What draws me in is my love of vampires, especially this one. Its

unusual but its not simply, "I'm a vampire, a romantic, adore me". The vampire clearly states that he is a monster, yet this monster uses his skills and abilities to protect humans.

He thinks humans are beautiful, because they are humans and he

cherishes that, above everything else. Especially his master whom he refers to as Countess. A personal and emotional term of endearment, holding great affection. As she refers to him as Count, in the same manner.

The moment any human choose to lose their humanity and become a monster, he looks at them in disdain. They are unworthy to be anything else, except his foe that needs to be destroyed. Except his ward, who had her choice taken from her. Become a ghoul or die, until the vampire gave her another choice. Freeing her.

It holds all of the interest and draw of a fantasy, yet still maintains its hold on some of its roots in reality. Making it the best of both worlds. Which gives it an edge over many of the other anime's out there.


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