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Red Hood

The Red Hood, to be honest is one hell of a character, he is basically Batman with a lot more blood and guts. With his twin knives and double guns, we all know he could have been a great Robin without his ridiculous attitude. With the Batman combat system and extra gadgets added in with the guns and knives, Red Hood could make a fantastic Rocksteady game.


Let's be honest, Superman has never had a good game. With countless games either discontinued or canceled, a Supes game is due. The real problem would be the flying with the Batman combat system, whilst integrating powers in place of gadgets I feel that Rocksteady could be the answer.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is a lesser known name in the DCU. He arguably has nothing to lose considering only a TV show has been released. No films and a game Green Arrow would be a great Rocksteady game. Just add the combat system and different versions of Arrows we could easily have him facing numerous enemies in Star City.


DC's most lethal weapon. Period. Many people will say why. But why not? Deathstroke is a legendary villain in the DCU. It could easily be in a parallel universe where crime is at a premium and police rules supreme. As a contract killer, Deathstroke could be the man who finally kills Batman and brings crime back to the fore.

Spider Man

With the small chance Beenox will hand Spidey over to Rocksteady, there is always a chance. Keeping the Arkham combat, implementing a Venom-like saga would really brings Webs back. With a Batman like intelligence Spider could be the man if Beenox let him go.


X-Men Origins Wolverine is one of the few superhero games along with Arkham to not flop. With a very similar character to Bats integrating a treacherous Arkham Asylum like environment could hold the key to Wolverine becoming a big name in gaming.

Iron Man

With neither Iron Man game really hitting the heights they should of, Rocksteady could provide the time and effort that an Iron Man game requires. With the many weapons in his arsenal Rocksteady could provide a terrific experience.

The Avengers

Now I know the Avengers aren't one hero but they are a huge name when talking about Marvel. With Iron Man not yet receiving a great game, Captain America has never had a game,likewise with the rest of the team. If Rocksteady can break the Batman curse, why cant they make an amazing Avengers game.


Deadpool is very similar to Deathstroke. The difference is he's got a lot more mouth, making him a clear fan favourite among Marvel. With the Deadpool game not being amazing, Rocksteady could develop a special game for the so-called Merc-with-a-mouth. Rocksteady have also shown they can break into R-rated games with Arkham Knight.

Justice League

Now I know these are a group as well, but the Justice League has arguably an even better cast than Avengers. With Superman, Batman, Jon Jones, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Hawk Man and Wonder Woman makes an all-star line-up. With only Batman having fantastic games from Rocksteady, maybe its time to finally widen their circle, thus not totally ending their partnership with the Dark Knight.

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