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End Credits Scene

As the credits end the music cuts out and we begin to hear news reports of what happened in Metropolis. Gradually the sound of the news quiets down as Bruce Wayne is shown waking up in an high class Italian apartment. Bruce begins to get himself together and isn't paying much attention to the news.

As Bruce gets ready he's calling to Selina Kyle.

Bruce: Selina. Selina. I was going to cook breakfast, did you want anything special? (No response)

Bruce wonders into the living room of the apartment and finds a note. It reads "Sorry Bruce, sometimes people just can't change -Selina". Immediately Bruce checks his pockets and the drawers in the apartment only to find all his belongs gone. As soon as Bruce realizes this a reporter on the television can be heard talking about the destruction and death being left in the wake of the Superman and General Zod.

After hearing about the destruction, Bruce reaches into a compartment with some belongings he had in case things went south with Selina and pulls out a phone and dials.

Bruce: Alfred.

Now we cut to Diana Prince in army fatigues watching the same news when Steve Taylor runs in to tell her about the same news.

Steve: Diana! Are you seeing this?

They both stand watching the news when we fade to black and hear the voice of a confident and intelligent man speaking. Gradually we are shown Lex Luthor at a podium speaking to a large group of Metropolis citizens.

Lex: This, "Super Man" is a coward! If he had given himself up Metropolis would still be standing and lives would have been spared. Superman is a threat to humanity and my associates and I will not rest until we rid him of this world! Right now my company is doing all it can to develop technology so that we may put Superman down permanently! (The crowd begins to cheer loudly)

As Lex Luthor talks about developing technology to kill Superman we are shown a laboratory that contains a recovered space pod, kryptonite, and a Kryptonian body. The camera moves through the lab until it stops in front of a S.T.A.R. Lab with a cyborg inside. Cut to black.


I would have preferred that Christian Bale stay Bruce Wayne and Batman. Diana would already have been Wonder Woman and when she sees the news decides that she must go to Metropolis to face Superman, same with Bruce. Lex Luthor's company works with S.T.A.R. Labs. I believe this ending would easily setup the conflict and cameos in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

P.S. I always thought that Warner Bros. could use the Robin character and have him be Nightwing in Gotham while Batman is away in Metropolis working with Superman and the rest of the Justice League.


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