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DC have done an amazing job of hiding their sheer audacity in catching up with the Marvel cinematic universe. People have complained that DC are trying too hard, and are only attempting to copy what Marvel did with The Avengers. That just isn't true. Marvel never piled every asset it had into one movie right out the gate! Think about how fun it will be to see a new Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman franchise start all at once! It will at least be quite the fireworks display!

I can't believe this is reality!
I can't believe this is reality!

For quite some time, I didn't even know that Gal Gadot's wonder woman would be playing a significant role in Batman vs Superman. I was sure she would, at best, feature at the end or in a post-credits scene, but nope! I underestimated DC in their willingness to plough through their catalogue of characters, and it's exactly that kind of eager beaver attitude that has me looking forward to [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)!

With so little information of what role Wonder Woman will be playing in Dawn of Justice, let's think about how Gal Gadot might fit in!

Wonder Woman as a subplot

Wonder Woman has plenty of stories to draw from!
Wonder Woman has plenty of stories to draw from!

So here's an idea. What if Batman and Superman are so busy fighting that they don't actually meet Wonder Woman? What if her challenges are so captivating that she doesn't actually need to team up with the man of steel or the dark knight? This isn't to say her role in the plot would be useless. The storylines could match up, and I do find it almost amusing to just have Batman and Superman fight for the entire movie while Wonder Woman does the investigative stuff.

Storylines like Paradise Lost could tie Wonder Woman nicely into the film, with her having to face super powered versions of Batman villains at the behest of the god of war, Ares. If that sounds improbable and weird, who cares! This is the DC Cinematic Universe!

Wonder Woman as a love interest

This is not mandatory!
This is not mandatory!

This would no doubt be the worst way to kick off Wonder Woman cinematically. Sure, she could have some kind of romantic dealings with Henry Cavill's Superman, but if that constitutes her entire role in the plot, then DC will have just implemented one of its most iconic characters in order to serve as romantic dressing for two male figures. The idea of Wonder Woman being used to form a love triangle is even worse. I mean, this is Batman v Superman, but I'm guessing the gripe they have with each other is more interesting than "you looked at my girl, bro!"

Wonder Woman as a side character

Wonder Woman in the New 52!
Wonder Woman in the New 52!

This is an idea I'm toying with. Sure, this isn't technically Wonder Woman's movie, but that's no reason for Gal Gadot not to play a significant role. There's a weird dignity to being a character that just kinda shows up and starts wrecking shop before just leaving all like "yeah I don't need to be in this movie anyway". I feel like that would be a cool way to implement Wonder Woman in the film without infringing upon the actual story, which I guess will just be Batman and Superman punching each other for hours.

What's really cool is the idea that Wonder Woman will be the one to break up the fight between Batman and Superman, much in the way that Captain America did with Thor and Iron man in the first Avengers movie. While this runs the risk of adopting an "oh boys stop your play fighting" tone, it would be a neat way to introduce Wonder Woman into the film.

What do you think? How would you most like to see Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman used in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice? Write a post about it, or comment below!


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