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The moment that Caitlyn Jenner was unveiled in Vanity Fair, comparisons between the newly emerged transgender icon and Jessica Lange began in earnest and now the American Horror Story actress has spoken out about what she thinks of her new lookalike.

Although Lange has not yet seen the picture of Caitlyn Jenner, when she was told about the reactions the already iconic Vanity Fair cover was getting online, she responded by saying:

“Oh really? That’s so wonderful. Well now I’m going to have to look for that picture!”

The resemblance between Lange and Jenner's facial structure, glamorous styling and tumbling locks has caused both of their names to become trending topics on Twitter recently. The selection of posts below is just a small cross section of what the Twittersphere has to say:

Unfortunately, some small minded people weren't so complimentary and implied that being compared to a transgendered person, like Caitlyn who was formerly known as Bruce, would upset Jessica Lange:

All I can say is that I hope they have egg on their face after seeing Jessica Lange's on point response!

(Source: Mashable via The Daily Beast and Vanity Fair)


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