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With Marvel's announcement late last year of its entire Phase 3 slate, it seemed to many that we already knew pretty much every single detail of the next five years of Marvel movie-dom. Which, in a way, we very much did - the structure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now more-or-less clear as day all the way through to 2019.

That, though, hasn't stopped Marvel from pulling off some pretty huge surprise reveals - step forward, Spider-Man - or, for that matter, leaving some pretty massive mysteries dangling enticingly in front of us. Mysteries like, for instance, just who'll be playing Earth's Mightiest Hero herself, Captain Marvel - a role which half of the actresses in Hollywood seem to have been linked to over the past six months.

The latest potential lead to be touted, though, could just be exactly the Carol Danvers we've all been waiting for - and bring a mega-star director along with her:

Could Charlize Theron Be Set to Play Captain Marvel...For Angeline Jolie?

That, y'see, is the latest rumor coming out of US OK! Magazine, which is currently quoting a source as having revealed that Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have become close lately, as a result of their respective partners' (Sean Penn and Brad Pitt)'s friendship...

"The guys have been tight for years and ever since Sean and Charlize became serious they've been spending a lot of time together as a foursome...The girls realised that they have a very similar outlook on life and quickly bonded over everything from their adopted children to their prospective Hollywood projects."

...and that relationship, the source claims, could well lead to the pair teaming up on the big screen:

"Marvel has been courting Angie to direct the project and Charlize is a clear fan favourite for the starring role. If Charlize were to get the part, Angie would almost certainly sign on to work with her new pal."

Now, that's obviously a long way from concrete confirmation of anything other than Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie's ability to sell magazines, but it does actually fit pretty well into what we already know (or, at least, suspect) about Captain Marvel.

For one thing:

Marvel are Likely to Go For a Big Name (or Two)

Much as they did with Doctor Strange - casting the fan-favorite and widely-recognizable Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role - there's a strong chance that Marvel will look to an established 'name' actor for Captain Marvel - seemingly strengthening the chances of Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt over the likes of Natalie Dormer and Katheryn Winnick.

Similarly, there's been a wide-ranging expectation that Marvel will opt for an established 'name' director, too - a bill which the mega-star that is Angelina Jolie would very much fit.


Charlize Theron Would Be a Perfect Fit for Captain Marvel

After all, not only has Theron recently proven just how bad-ass she can be in Mad Max: Fury Road - not only carrying the whole movie on her shoulders, but doing it with a ludicrous amount of style - but she'd also be more than capable of blending that bad-assery with a solid dose of the blonde All-American-looking charm that's a large part of Carol Danvers' character.

Also, this:

'Nuff said.

Similarly, though:

Angelina Jolie Would Be a Good Fit For Marvel

In much the same way that Theron would make a natural Carol Danvers, Jolie would seemingly fit the profile of what Marvel appears to be looking for in a director. She's clearly talented, and - with Unbroken - used to telling large scale stories involving war, both of which are obvious requirements for a major action movie like Captain Marvel. It's also, though, early enough in Jolie's directorial career that she'd likely be able to adapt to the relatively limiting studio system that Marvel has in place - the one that's made the TV-trained (and pragmatic) Russo Brothers the studio's new go-to directors.

Now, of course, what with this all being based on rumor, there's no guarantee we'll actually see either Theron or Jolie involved in the final film - but it's a tantalizing prospect all the same...

What do you reckon, though?


Do you want to see Charlize Theron as Captain Marvel, with Angeline Jolie directing?



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