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There are rumors circulating that Matthew McConaughey will be playing the Green Goblin, and of course that means that the Internet is going to make fun of Matthew McConaughey. He's kind of having a moment right now, what with his Oscar winning performance in Dallas Buyers Club and the amount of exposure he's had over the past year or so.

He made those weird Lincoln commercials recently that Saturday Night Live and many others made fun of, and a fan has taken matters into his own hands, mixing almost all of the McConaughey pop culture references into one in this hysterical video.

The video was made by YouTube group MELF. Check it out, I'm pretty sure that you'll laugh at least once.

The combo of the "alright, alright, alright"s and the chest beating from The Wolf of Wall Street were probably my two favorite parts. Not to mention, the fact that he is driving a Lincoln wearing the mask. Considering this is only about 47 seconds long, they really packed a lot in here.

Also, an excellent/terrible/hilarious photoshop job here:

10/10, would watch again.

The thing is, dude has range. Sure, I'm a straight male, but I can't pretend like he wasn't pretty solid in Magic Mike...

(Via: YouTube)


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