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There was panic on the streets of Britain's capital city London yesterday when commuters were astounded to see a creature, once thought to be extinct, being transported through the streets during the Monday morning commute to work.

Roughly covered by what was thought to have been a blood soaked sheet, lay the remains of one of the most deadly creatures the world has ever seen.

Measuring at around 15 feet long, thousands of people passed the carnivorous beast as it lay motionless on the back of the truck.

Shocked workers stopped to take pictures of the remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was on its way to an autopsy, initial reports claimed.

Nowhere was safe as the razor toothed theropod took in the sights of the city, including the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, an area far away from its original habitat of North America.

CCTV footage shows the beast as it makes its way through the city.

So okay, you got me, maybe I've watched Jurassic Park one too many times. This isn't actually a real dead dinosaur (I think we all knew that) it was, in fact, an amazing PR stunt for the National Geographic Channel.

BUT, even though this was fake, this T-Rex clip is very real. Okay, so it's a clip from Jurassic Park, but it looks kind of real. I wouldn't want to be faced by this on a dino-safari trip anyway...

source: unilad


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