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Since we tragically lost comedy icon Robin Williams in August 2014, his family has been torn apart over how the late star's assets should be divided between them, and sadly, this feud shows no sign of ending any time soon.

The battle between Williams' widow and his three children is centered around who is entitled to certain personal effects and whether Zachary, Zelda and Cody Williams should give a portion of their inheritance to maintain the home that their late father shared with his wife, Susan Schnieder.

Robin Williams with his children and second wife, Marsha
Robin Williams with his children and second wife, Marsha

Meredith Bushnell, the attorney representing Williams' children, claims that over 300 personal items are still in dispute after the two sides were required to meet with a mediator by a judge. A lot of these are humble personal items that have huge sentimental value to both Williams' late wife and his children including slippers, pajamas and t-shirts.

Along with the problems of distributing highly emotionally charged personal items that belonged to Williams, there is also an ongoing dispute over the maintenance of the San Francisco Bay Area home that Williams left to his late wife.

Williams' San Francisco home
Williams' San Francisco home

Williams stated in his will that his surviving spouse should be given enough money to maintain the house for the rest of her life, but the cost of upkeep is being disputed by Williams' children.

Susan Schnieder's attorney, James Wagstaffe, has simply stated that he is:

"Representing an emotionally grieving widow who's trying to honor her husband's wishes."

Whereas the attorney representing Williams' children has accused the opposition of using:

"Delay tactics."

Whatever happens in this sad case, time is of the essence. San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Andrew Cheng, has given the two sides until July 29th, 2015 to resolve their differences.

While it's clear that both parties are only acting out of the deep love they had for their father and husband, I hope they manage to bury the hatchet and come to an agreement soon. After all, it's what Robin would have wanted.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly via Associated Press)


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