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Rob Harris

The multi-billion dollar phenomenon that is Minecraft has dominated the video game landscape for years now, but I still remember the days when Notch's eccentric pet project was in its relative infancy.

Back then a common shortcut for explaining to the layman what exactly Minecraft has become: 'It's like playing with LEGO, but over the Internet.' So, with that in mind, here's my equally succinct pitch for the newly announced LEGO Worlds: 'It's like Minecraft, but with LEGO.' Sold? If not, take a look at why this may very well usurp Minecraft's towering throne...

Explore Truly Limitless Worlds

Okay, so this can also be said of Minecraft, but think how much cooler that limitless world will be when it's constructed from LEGO bricks!

Fight Ferocious Enemies Intent on Busting You to Pieces

Like Minecraft's zombies, but made of plastic.

Customize Your Characters

I remember ripping the heads off my Lego men as a child. Now you can do the same...except you won't have to use your teeth.

Sculpt Your Personal Universe

Terraform your landscapes using LEGO's unparalleled construction tools...

...Or Get in Close, Building Brick by Brick

This is a giant snowman, but you can build, well...absolutely anything you like.

Then Smash It All to Pieces with a Fire-Breathing Dragon!

Because why not?

Bust Blocks with Awesome Vehicles

Check out the full trailer below:

LEGO Worlds is current available on Windows through Steam's Early Access program for $17.


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