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It's graduation season right now, and by far one of the coolest commencement addresses came from the über successful director, screenwriter, and producer Christopher Nolan. He spoke on Monday at Princeton's commencement and the main focus of his speech was telling graduates to chase their realities as opposed to their "dreams" - as you often hear in these types of speeches.

Nolan joked that Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins actually was briefly a Princeton Tiger. He didn't graduate, of course.

Here's what he had to say about it...

"The most important thing about Bruce Wayne — yes, he attended Princeton, but he didn't graduate. So as of tomorrow, you are all already better than Batman!"

Being able to do something Batman couldn't - graduate from Princeton - is a pretty awesome achievement.

Here's how the exchange between Alfred and Bruce regarding Princeton went in the film:

Alfred Pennyworth: Will you be heading back to Princeton after the hearing, sir, or can I persuade you to stay on for a day or two?

Bruce Wayne: I'm not heading back at all.

Alfred Pennyworth: You don't like it there?

Bruce Wayne: I like it fine. They just don't feel the same way.

I guess it kind of makes sense that Wayne, an extremely wealthy East Coast city boy would end up at Princeton. And to his credit, yes he dropped out, but I would say that he was pretty entrepreneurial regardless. You could say he had other... "pursuits"... that needed his attention.

I can't lie, though, I kind of wish I could say I went to the same school as Batman.

Check out this flashback back to Batman Begins:



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