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The King of pop is not dead! Check out this old man prank unsuspecting members of the public with some sweet Michael Jackson moves! That's one Smooth Criminal!

Gamertag Gaming are committed to keeping you going through the monotony of the working week, today we bring you this epic video of an old man scaring the Thriller out of passers by.


The old man is seen doddering along the sidewalk then in the same instance launching himself into some of MJ's sweetest moves. Passers by are shocked and are seen to Scream. Even the young bucks that are confronted with the dancing grandpa, Beat It!

This is one Bad grandpa, later in the video we see him make his way to a large crowd (which made me Smile), and then busting out some awesome badassery. This guy is an awesome dancer and shows that group of youngsters that he still knows a thing or two about dance. There is no school like the old school.

Grandpa, Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Enjoy

The way you make me feel dancing grandpa, is that I could Heal the World! This video comes from Youtuber and epic film maker PunchRobert

Anything that keeps the MJ spirit alive is all good in my book. Yes, I have been slipping in as many Michael Jackson song titles as I could throughout the article. I hope they worked for you. Remember The Time

For a bit of fun - Comment below on how this video made you feel using a Michael Jackson song title.

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