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Just recently I posed for a picture with a group of my friends and immediately after the picture was taken, we noticed orbs floating throughout the picture.

If you may not know much about ghosts, capturing some orbs on camera usually signifies the presence of spirits. After we viewed the pictures, I swear I felt a chill go down my spine. And the A/C was turned off.

If you dare, check out these mysterious spirits caught on camera. If you're not a believer, I'm sure you'll change your mind and become one now.

1. Ghostly Faces in the Ocean

James Courtney and Michael Meehan were both aboard the SS Waterton during the 1920s, when they passed from a gas leak. After their bodies were thrown overboard, the crew began to see their faces in the water. Finally, the captain took a picture and captured the two's faces.

2. Ghost Lord

After Lord Combermere died in 1865, a photographer snapped photos of his possessions. Post development, the photographer noticed his spirit still seated in his chair. I supposed the Lord wasn't finished being a Lord.

3. Transparent Babysitter

While taking a picture of his little daughter, the photographer discovered an entity that was hopefully trying to clean up the mess on the ground. Consider the photographer lucky that he has a free, live-in nanny.

4. Electric Spirit

An engineer by the name of Ted Lucher was updating this electric chair in Tennessee, and decided to first snap a photo of it. He noticed later that he could see the arm and face of a man who might have been electrocuted back in the day.

5. A Husband's Love Never Fades

In 1997, Denise Russel took a photo of her grandmother. A few years later, the family noticed a man standing behind her in the photo. They realized with shock that it appeared to be Russel's grandfather, who had died over a decade before.

6. The Treasure Protector

These stairs are located inside the Decebal Hotel in Romania. With a building that is over 150 years old, it doesn't seem strange at all that a figure would appear in this picture, perhaps watching over the rumored buried treasure located under the hotel.

7. It's The Thing!

While preparing his furniture to be sold, Montague Cooper's photographer captured one of this chest. After getting the photos developed, he noticed an Addam's Family-like Thing in the picture.

I can't think of any explanation or excuse for ghostly faces, hands, and full-body apparitions suddenly showing up in pictures.

I completely believe that these photos have captured some incredible evidence showing us that the dead do, in fact, walk among us.

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