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With [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) on the horizon and The Force being strong in many fans across the globe, it's always worth it to occasionally engage in the classic discussion:

Are you a Jedi or Sith?

The team at Dorkly came up with a few reasons why being on the Dark Side is infinitely better than being a goodie-two-shoes member of the global force for Good, the Jedis.

They made some pretty compelling arguments, I must say! However, I need Jedi Mind Tricks in my arsenal to be honest.

1. The Light Sabers argument

Nobody can act like a red lightsaber isn't awesome. It's the color of blood, the color of fire (kinda), and it just makes you seem thirty times more legit.

2. Cooler powers

This one I might actually have to disagree a little bit on. Animal friendship is not a lame power per se, but comparing it to Force Lightning is a little bit unfair here in my opinion.

3. Better names?

Yeah, this is somewhat fair... but Skywalker is still a pretty bad-ass nickname and Luke carries it very well. Once again, the Dark Side probably wins here just because Darth Vader is pretty hard to beat.

4. The love-life angle

While Jedis are forced to resort to extracurricular activities in order to seek out pleasure, Siths don't have that same concern. This one doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination and I like that... nicely done, Dorkly.

5. Time management

Instead of being a monk-like Jedi who has no fun, you could be a Sith who gets to skateboard, apparently. Not to mention, you can take over the galaxy while skateboarding. Multi-tasking!

6. Retirement differences

Jedis never retire. It's gotta be brutal to be called upon even after your final days. Sith don't have that problem, and they are way more chill after they die.

I can't wait for December!

(Via: Dorkly)


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