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Back in early April, I had the honor of not only attending the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" premiere at Disney Studios, but also interviewing Marvel Studios' "Main Man" Kevin Feige. While parts of today's excerpt and the ones that will follow have been published in the "Philadelphia Daily News", about 75% is being read by MoviePilot readers before anyone else. Without further delay, here is the first part of my interview in it's entirety.

Jerome Maida: I was so excited when I found out I got this opportunity with you.

Kevin Feige: Oh, good.

Jerome Maida: I wanted to talk to you more than anyone else, even Scarlett Johansson - and that's saying something.

Kevin Feige: WOW! WOW!

Jerome Maida: (laughing) So, I'm going to get as many questions in as I can -
Kevin Feige: Okay.

Jerome Maida: - because I know you're a busy man...First of all, fantastic film.

Kevin Feige: Oh, great.

Jerome Maida: (It seems like) you keep on fulfilling expectations, like you were talking about crushing expectations. Well, I think it's going to blow everybody away.

Kevin Feige: Good.

Jerome Maida: It's really well done. Now, in every way you talk about the "Avengers" franchise, the "Avengers" is the gold standard of marvel Studios. Everyone is excited to see them together, then shown by the sequels (of the solo films) they get an "Avengers bump" -

Kevin Feige: Yes.

Jerome Maida: - and then you get more people interested in them (the solo films), so hopefully they'll want to see the "Avengers" films.

Kevin Feige: Yes.

Jerome Maida: - and there's that synergy that goes on...How do you keep that going while taking the risk to keep things fresh?

Kevin Feige: Well, I mean, a lot of it is..all of it is based on storytelling. All of it is based on where we want to see these characters go, what stories we loved from the comics and want to bring to life for the first time....and have them do exactly what you're saying, which is: Have it be really entertaining and awesome when they're all together and have it be really entertaining and awesome when they're all individual, on their own..and then doing things that are unexpected.
"Guardians of the Galaxy" was super surprising to people and very unexpected because they were characters, for the most part, nobody had ever heard of. I think, in a couple of months, people are going to see the same level of surprise in "Ant-Man" -

Jerome Maida: Wow.

Kevin Feige: (with) how different that movie is from anything else we've done.

End of Part 1. More to follow in the coming days!


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