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I am a fan of Witches of East End and I want them BACK! Also I am a fan of Avengers and Resident Evil and also of Justice League and G.I Joe
Lia Stavrakoudi

Do you know that Underworld and Resident Evil are more similar than we ever imagine?

We know the Underworld is an international blockbuster with thousand millions or billions profits.But did you know that Selene and Alice from Resident Evil are quite simiral than you knew!

The similarities are:

  • Selene and Alice are always wearing black except the time when Alice was in desert.
  • Selene and Alice are using as weapons two pistols or daggers.
  • Both of them are having black and short hair.
  • They hunt creatures of darkness.
  • Both of them are badasses and the actors are hot!
  • They have got supernatural powers.


Which series of movies do you prefer?


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