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The dark secrets that lie just beneath your feet. Read on for unexplained creatures caught on camera and some truly chilling events that have taken place in the darkness below the surface.

It seems that technology today can create more questions than it does answer them. These eerie videos come from the utility companies themselves.

Technology nowadays allows us to access areas we would not usually be able to gain access to. Although in these cases the areas are not exactly exotic, since their creation they have not been again visited by a human.

Are these unexplained creatures caught on camera simply undiscovered species or something else a lot more sinister..

Our first mystery creature comes to us from merry old England.

UK sewer maintenance camera captures tale
UK sewer maintenance camera captures tale

This creature, now nick named 'Messy' by the workers, came to notice during a regular maintenance survey. There had been previous reports of strange happenings occurring on other routine maintenance jobs, however nothing as conclusive as this latest piece of footage.

Workers have been reporting hearing noises from within the tunnels for years, one worker even called the Police as he thought someone was stuck in the pipes. The noises have been described as being almost human. "A woman coughing or choking violently" one worker said. Another said that she heard "a man shrieking with what seemed to be great pleasure, I can't describe it any better. It was shrill and quite frankly terrifying"

The water company Manager has come out and said: "Several of our employees have reported sightings of some kind of animal. We've reviewed the CCTV footage, and it certainly doesn't look like a typical sewer rat."

"We are hoping that the public can help us. The animal could possibly be a domestic pet or feasibly, an animal which has escaped from the zoo. It seems to be feeding on fat deposits which have built up on the inside of pipes."

This creature is striking a distinctly similar outline to another mystery creature that has been captured in the US. When I first saw the footage of this sewer creature I immediately remembered another story I had read.

A 'Rake' like creature - Caught on Camera
A 'Rake' like creature - Caught on Camera

This creature was apparently caught on deer cam. These cameras are set up at night to either aid in hunting surveys or are used by naturists to study and observe deer behaviour for population density surveys etc. What they are not usually used for is capturing almost alien like creatures.

This image was snapped just moments before the camera was completely destroyed. The owner however was able to retrieve the memory card where the images are stored and the above image was what he saw. This, I think looks remarkably similar to what we saw above in the UK sewer.

What do you think? Could this be the same creature? If so, that means that there are more out there than we originally thought. Scary stuff.

The second creature or being comes out of the sewers in North Carolina.

This bizarre footage looks like it comes straight out of the movie Evolution. The footage shows what looks like a biological entity growing on the walls. This isn't exactly a creature but I think you can agree that it is most certainly alive.

Unknown matter on sewer wall
Unknown matter on sewer wall

The video below sees a camera navigating its way through a sewer tunnel in North Carolina. The camera spots an odd mass on one of the wall, this is where the video begins. As it moves on it spots another and another. The walls seem to entirely coated with a biological matter.

Some say that this is an alien lifeform that is evolving and adapting to life on our planet before it branches out onto the surface. Others say that this is a mass of worms known as Tubifex. What do you think?

What are your thoughts? Is this a primitive alien race adapting to Earth's environment or simply just a worm?

For the third creature we are heading back across the pond to England again.

Moving on a little from inaccessible areas of the sewers, these haunting stories are a stark reminder that not even the darkest spaces below are entirely silent.

This first report is not supported by a video but is worth a quick mention. A tunnel system in the North of the UK is apparently haunted by a humanoid type entity.


Workers would regularly submit reports of seeing people within the depths of the tunnel system. The tunnel system is inaccessible to the public and without the correct equipment, venturing in is a sure death sentence.

The hauntings got so prolific that the company held extra health and safety briefing relating to stress at work as well as hiring its own paranormal investigator to accompany a worker into the tunnels.

The parapsychologist report was conclusive of there being something extremely wrong with the environment within the tunnels. The investigator immediately felt a strong oppressive presence, and said there was definitely something extremely unusual there.

Closed off tunnel - Not the system in the story
Closed off tunnel - Not the system in the story

The investigator also wanted to warn all workers personally of what she felt and saw. The tunnel system is apparently haunted by something inhuman, this humanoid they had been seeing was not human at all but something she claims she has never seen before. "This thing is not human, not a ghost, nor is it a demon. I don't know what this creature is and that is what scares me".

The tunnel system has since been shut down. The presence remains. Are you brave enough to have a walk around?

London Underground ghost (One of the many)

London Underground closed
London Underground closed

It is reported that a few years ago an electrician was working out of hours on the Aldgate tube stations tram power network. Extremely High Voltage. The station was built on a plague burial pit back in 1876.

The worker was repairing the high voltage lines when he somehow managed to electrocute himself with the full 20,000 volts that surge through the network. This amount of electricity is usually fatal but somehow he was entirely unharmed, not even a scratch. The man was thrown back off the rails and back onto the safety of the platform to the complete shock of the other workers watching.

Later that night he was walking home with one of his older colleagues who had insisted on walking back with him as he had something extremely important he wanted to talk about. What he had to say would haunt the worker forever.

His colleague went on to tell him that, at the time of the accident he was looking directly at the the worker. He had just finished packing away his tools and looked up to where the worker was repairing the rail lines and saw, just prior to the accident, what he describes as a transparent figure of an old lady sat beside him stroking his hair.

Ghostly figure
Ghostly figure

It seems that this anonymous workers life was saved by this old soul. I guess when it's not your time, it's not your time. This station has many reports of ownerless footsteps echoing through the tunnels as well as melodic singing being heard.

The mysteries of the unknown. Do you have an experience you wish to share? Ever seen or heard anything odd on the underground system? Let me know.

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