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Kevin Smith, who you may know from the Jay and Silent Bob movies and director of the recently under-performed movie Tusk, talked with CinemaBlend about taking on a film based on a DC Comics character. What character specifically does he want to bring to cinemas? That is the Question. I hope you got that. Because I'm about to let it all out.

Kevin Smith wants to try out DC Comics' The Question. Who's the Question you ask? Well, here's a little origin story for you.

The Question was created by Spider-Man co-writer Steve Ditko. The hero made his debut in a solo comic book featuring the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord in 1967.

Vic Sage is an investigative journalist in the crime-ridden sespool that is Hub City. One day on an assignment, he was approached by his former professor now a scientist, Aristotle Rodor. Aristotle created an artificial skin called Pseudoderm, which had some unforseen side effects once applied with the bonding gas. It would somehow modify Sage's hair color and clothing. And the final result was this:

Pretty cool if I do say so myself. But I want to hear what you think. Do you want to see The Question in theaters? Or does he possibly deserve a cameo appearance on a DC/CW TV show? Like I said, it's your decision.

Go ahead and leave what you think in the comments. Until next-time.......


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