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If you stayed through the credits of Big Hero 6 in the theater, or skimmed through them on your BluRay/DVD, or even waited to see it on Youtube then you've probably seen the touching post credit scene between Fred & his dad. If not check it out here:

It's a great post credit scene where we discover that Fred's dad hasn't been around because in reality he's been playing superhero himself.

Just to add fuel to my burning love for all things Marvel and how deep they can take a story, I loved seeing this brief cameo by Stan Lee, and his quick interactions with Fred. But his statement as the scene breaks is what caught my attention the most. After finding out that Stan wears his briefs just like Fred, they share a quick hug and we hear Fred say, "We have a lot to talk about."

And that's when you think it's over... but I think there should have been more, and I'm convinced that it could be expanded on.

"But Wait!? You can't add to a post credit!" you'll say.
And my response is simply:

I flipped this scene because I'm left handed :D
I flipped this scene because I'm left handed :D

Okay, brain panic finished, and here goes -

After Stan hugs Fred, he walks him over to the computer screen behind him as it flickers on with images and faces of past villains, current villains and various news stories expanding and flashing by until an image of Professor Callaghan flashes across the screen.

"Wait!? How do you know about Professor Callaghan, dad?" - Fred asks.
"Son, there's a much bigger villain moving around and Callaghan was only a piece of the puzzle of what's out there." - Stan answers, - "let me show you what's actually happening out there."

The computer continues to flash through pictures and news stories until it stops on a shadowed figure.

"This is why I've been on our family island for so long, I've been tracking this man. All I know is that he's pulling all the strings here in San-Fransokyo and has ties around the world." - Stan adds, - "I think you're friends can help me track him down. You did well to stop Professor Callaghan, but it was only the beginning son."

Fred turns to Stan as the scene fades to black with a sinister voice starting to speak (Jeremy Irons channeling Aramis from The Man in the Iron Mask or Scar from The Lion King).

"Welcome back... I almost thought that I lost you" - Jeremy Irons
"Wha... ... Wh... ... Where am I?" - a familiar voice asks.
"You're home. That's all that matters." - Jeremy Irons.
"I can't remember anything." - the voice replies.
"... Then let me remind you, Tadashi." - Jeremy Irons answers.

Then a flash of fire burns through the still black screen. And cut!


So there it is, my Big Hero 6 post - post credit scene which leads us into the bigger story arc that I can only imagine Disney taking us: Tadashi is still alive and can't remember what happened, which through the flash of fire gives all of us comic fans the assumption that he had survived because he is in fact Sunfire. The only twist is that he becomes one of the villains in the 2nd film because he can't remember anything from before the explosion because that's where his powers were manifested.

Jon Negroni wrote a beautiful piece about why Disney would make the Big Hero sequel, you can read it here

Just saying...
Just saying...

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