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George Miller's latest Mad Max installment is full of "sound" and "fury" and yet signifies nothing up front in terms of plot. BUT, this is the hidden gem of Fury Road in my opinion as the plot just bubbles below the surface and allows us to submerge ourselves in the thrill of the chase.

As much as I enjoyed Fury Road, I can't help but wonder if Gibson could have handled the roll of Max once again. As one of the few people who enjoyed Tom Hardy in Star Trek Nemesis, I feel he gets short changed here. Both in terms of strength, and dialogue. So, if that was the plan, why not feature Gibson back in the role?

Many of us are familiar with Mel's fall from grace, but time heals most wounds in Hollywood, which is why I think he could have reprised his role. Now hear me out. Gibson's take this go around as Max could have been that of a prisoner (much like they wasted Tom as) making multiple escape attempts, setting him up as beaten down, but determined to live, even being tethered as the blood bank as Hardy was at some point. But the trick would be to somehow connect this film to Thunderdome, and have some of the female slaves be descendants of the children Gibson attempted to rescue in the 80's. He can even assume the persona of Captain Walker in his old age, and make it his mission to get them out from under Immortan Joe.

Enter Charlize Theron as Imperator Furisoa who comes of age and is Gibson's way of not only getting out of town, but making the rescue he may not be physically capable of on his own anymore. Allow the movie to play out from there with the huge chase, and script a dramatic death for Gibson and allow Furisoa to become the new champion of this post apocalyptic wasteland. There's a lot to love about Fury Road, but I was longing for closure of the Gibson take on the character, given the way Hardy's Max was underused in my opinion.

But make no mistake, this film is quite epic in scope, and stunt execution. Once they are off to the races, Miller does not take his foot off of the gas too often, as he directs them across the desert, into sandstorms, and to the edge of the world it would seem, and back. So please enjoy the cinematic glory, and heavy metal flame throwing guitars, but if you're a fan of the original trilogy, I'd be curious to know if you found yourself missing Mel as Max.


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