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As a long time fan of The Vampire Diaries, I know I really shouldn't be saying this, but I feel like the time has almost come to put the CW supernatural slammer to bed.

No matter how awesome they are, all TV shows have an expiry date and below are the reasons why I think that the season seven finale would be a great time to wave goodbye to our Mystic Falls family.

6. The Stars Need to Spread Their Wings

There is no denying that The Vampire Diaries has a very talented cast and a lot of them are ready to spread their wings and undertake new endeavours.

From Kat Graham's starring role as Tammi Terrell in an upcoming biopic to Paul Wesley's passion for directing, it's only a matter of time before the stars of the show want to explore other projects after investing many happy years in Mystic Falls.

The last thing fans want from The Vampire Diaries is to see the beloved characters that have been there from the beginning drop out one by one, and seeing as we lost Nina Dobrev, Steven R. McQueen and Michael Trevino in season six, there is no reason why this trend won't continue.

5. One Season Without Elena is Enough To Close the Diary Once and For All

While losing Elena was a devastating blow for Vampire Diaries fans, it also means that other previously unexplored dynamics between characters can be delved into.

One season without Elena would give us enough time for character to move in totally new directions with original and exciting storylines, but I fear that going on for longer could exhaust the narrative.

We don't want to get to stage where everyone has dated everyone, Alaric is bereaved again and more and more hybrids of different supernatural beings are created purely to keep things moving.

4. We Can Always Meet Again in New Orleans

With The Originals only in it's second season right now, maybe we wouldn't have to wave goodbye to everyone.

There is plenty of scope for characters to crossover into the spinoff series and give fresh blood and energy to the show.

For example, if Caroline moved over to be with Klaus because things fall apart with Stefan, that would be a storyline that everyone could get behind whilst allowing the Vampire Barbie to grow up and develop as a character in the more cutthroat world of New Orleans.

3. The Heretics Will Not Take More Than 23 Episodes To Wrap Up

The Heretics are the focus of next season, but it will not take longer than 23 episodes to defeat them or learn all about their folklore and history.

Every season of The Vampire Diaries has had it's own problems and villains, but where else can you go once you have fought hybrid vampire/witches who are best mates with Damon and Stefan's presumed dead mother?!

With the loss of Elena, I predict the show will be moving away from its romantic origins and focusing more on action and intrigue and after walking so many paths, it seems to be like this show is finally running out of big bads to outdo the last.

2. The Cast Isn't Getting Any Younger

As Paul Wesley rightly pointed out in a recent interview, the cast of The Vampire Diaries isn't getting any younger, despite their undead characters remaining the same age.

While it's easy to suspend your disbelief for a while, we don't want the show to cross the line and become laughable.

1. The Vampire Diaries Deserves to Go Out with a Bang

I know people have had their complaints about season six, but it was certainly a cut above the doppelgänger infested season five in my opinion.

Season seven gives the writers a chance to take the show in a whole new direction and I have high hopes that doing this will bring the show so much needed freshness and intrigue.

I think The Vampire Diaries deserves to go out on this high as opposed to limping along until low ratings means it has to be put out of it's misery. This show just doesn't deserve that!


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