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Like all Hollywood beauties, actress Hayley Atwell is no stranger to appearing in glossy magazines and on huge billboards. Not only is she phenomenally gorgeous, but her reprisal of the role of Agent Carter in Marvel's TV series of the same name has certainly secured her a prominent spot in the entertainment industry.

If you need reminding of her most successful role to date, take a look at her character, Peggy Carter, in action below:

As an outspoken female in a repressive male-dominated world, Peggy's super-strength definitely lies in her independence and determination. And as a trained fighter, she is a force to be reckoned with and most definitely no damsel in distress.

Most recently however, it seems that Hayley Atwell took another page out of her on-screen character's book when she was confronted with an image of herself gracing the cover of a German TV magazine.

Recently, she was tweeted this image below and her response was phenomenal:

Instead of gushing with pride from the compliment, the actress responded with a rather unexpected answer by making this hilarious retort:

Indeed, why WAS she photoshopped?!

In an industry in which the manipulation of beauty carries a very deep trend, Hayley's criticism of less-than-authentic representations of women, and herself, is a powerful message.

With this remark, she unearthed the decades-long controversy of photoshop retouching in the industry and how it fuels our obsession with unrealistic body image. It is clear that, for her, the concept of unattainable beauty is unnecessary and as a real woman, she does not wish to be falsely represented as such.

And taking into account the outcry that her response caused, others feel the same too:

Peggy Carter simply wouldn't stand for it, so should we?



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