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When a designer decides to design a superhero alphabet he has to make difficult decisions as to which superhero (or villain) to illustrate or not illustrate.

In the "Superbet" does "S" stand for Spider-Man or Superman? Superman lost this design battle.

Do you give "W" to Wonder Woman or Wolverine? Diana design-wise never had a chance. Apparently Logan wears the flashier colors.

For "R" I would have certainly gone for Robin over the Riddler any day.

Giving "T" to Two Face and not to Thor is definitely a most unfortunate oversight. Being unicolor (and mostly red where you lose out to the Flash) apparently makes you a loser in a color palette battle.

Simon Koay, who designed these "Superbets" is a Hong Kong born digital designer currently living and working in Australia.

You can find his website here.

All of the prints featured here are for sale at Koay's Society6 store.

A is for Captain America

B is for Batman

C is for Cyclops

D is for Daredevil

E is for Elektra

F is for Flash

G is for Ghost Rider

H is for Hulk

I is for Iron Man

J is for Joker

K is for Killer Croc

L is for Loki

M is for Mystique

N is for Nightcrawler

O is for Omega Red

P is for Poison Ivy

Q is for Quicksilver

R is for Riddler

S is for Spider-Man

T is for Two Face

U is for Ultron

V is for Venom

W is for Wolverine

X is for Professor X

Y is for Yellowjacket

Z is for Zatanna

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