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Michael Davis


It's a packed stadium, people everywhere, eating popcorn, drinking beer, being loud. It's a wrestling match!


The syncopated sound of feet stamping and hands clapping to Queen's "We Will Rock You" is deafening.

ANNOUNCER (V/O): "I can't believe it, Gene! A new contender for the Champ is walking into the squared circle as we speak!"

At the same time the Announcer's speaking, there's a spotlight to the left of the ring, with a ramp leading down to the floor. A tall, skinny but muscular teenager is walking down it. Dressed in a homemade wrestling outfit.

Bonesaw is ready!
Bonesaw is ready!

ANNOUNCER (V/O): "YES! YES! It's the Amazing! The Superior! The Spectacular....SPIDER-MAN!!!"

The crowd goes wild.

Fade to black....


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