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Jaramya Sick Boy Rattle

One of my favourite things to do is talk about horror directors. There are some directors that's style just stick in your head. Here are the 5 directors I like the most.

5. George A. Romero

This is the man who invented zombies as we know them today with his first film Night of the Living Dead. He is also responsible for Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. I feel Night of the Living Dead is his best film and is my favourite zombie film of all time. Plus it had the best ending. He also has the thickest glasses in horror.

4. John Carpenter

Some say John Carpenter's Halloween was the first slasher film. It started "Slasher-Mania" which went on through the late 70s and the 80's. I however think his best work is the Masters of Horror episode he did called Cigarette Burns. It is a very original idea for a plot and is my favourite episode of the series. John has a nice and suspenseful fell to his films. He also did The Thing (1982) which is one of my favourite Sci-Fi films of all time.

3. Wes Craven

This is the man responsible for my favourite horror franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street. He also did the classics Last House on The Left and The Hills Have Eyes. A lot of his early films have a very cheap and gritty feel to them, which works great for a horror film. This man is definitely a legend. He is also know for doing Scream which is another slasher classic.

2. Adam Green

I can't express how much I am in love with Adam's films! He is a huge inspiration to me. His works include the Hatchet trilogy, Spiral, Digging Up The Marrow, Holliston, and more. The Hatchet films are great slashsers. Part 1 is my favourite. I also LOVE Spiral! It is one of the best films ever made.

1. Dario Argento

This man is hands down fan favourite director of all time! I absolutely adore ever film of his I've seen. He has an amazing otherworldly feel to a lot of his film and doesn't hold back on the violence. His films have some of the most beautifully gory kill scenes I've ever seen. His best work includes Suspiria, Opera, Inferno, and Phenomena.

Well that was my short list. Let me know what you think below.


Who is your favourite horror director?


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