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Spoiler Alert?

If you haven't already seen S5E8 go watch it! For the rest of us that have seen it, we all know what happened.

Now I am not an avid reader of the books so my knowledge of the Night's King is limited to what I've seen on the show. That being said, this character has been shown enough (two episodes?) that major questions have evolved both times he's (It's?) been shown. I won't attempt to answer all these questions. One thought I had after calming down from all the events that went down in this episode was that of the Night's King himself and his motives. This thought stemmed from something presumably overlooked by most viewers in light of the massacre that just preceded. Something so minor that I even asked myself if it was worth mentioning. Where did this dude get his clothes and why is he even wearing clothes? I mean he's not exactly human. It sounds ridiculous, but if you really try and answer this question it brings up even more questions. This ultimately led me to one. Are the Night's King's actions justifiable?

Let's start out by stating that as with everything on this show there is a history - and a mystery - to each and every scene that transpires. Every detail from the weapons to the clothes have a backstory. So it really got me wondering about this Night's King's attire and the origin of such a character. Because he's not human, why even give him clothes? Obviously he needs something to signify that he is, in fact, the King of the White Walkers, so why is he styled the way he's styled? What's the significance of the broach he's wearing? What is the history behind his facade?

Somewhere along the timeline of the Seven Kingdoms the Night's King came into being. When or how that was is a mystery, but he does have his own history. How old is he exactly? Is he from a long line of previous Night's Kings or has he been biding his time all these years to reclaim something that he feels he has a claim over? Just because the White Walkers haven't been seen in forever and are now merely a legend doesn't mean that they haven't been alive this whole time.

Daenerys Targaryen feels she has a claim to the Iron Throne, but if you really think about it, the Targaryens only had the throne after her ancestors conquered Westeros. Did the people of Westeros really want to be conquered in the first place? Along with everyone else in Westeros, doesn't the Night's King get those same rights? What if he's only trying to reclaim something that he justifies as his.

I've always felt that a villain's motivations in any show get overlooked because they do villainous things. Sure their actions are most often horrible, but in a world like the one G.R.R. Martin has created, you've got to do what you've got to do. Everyone hates on Cersei (myself included) for the the atrocities she's committed, but she's only doing the things she's had to do to survive in this crazy land. The Night's King is no different.

Id really like to know anyone's thoughts on this topic or the White Walkers in general. Good or Bad.


Are there reasons to vindicate what the Knight's King is doing?


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