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I'm hardcore about only a few things, but some of them are star wars, Marvel and DC comics, and the Lord of Rings. I'm just looking for a pl

One of the most iconic franchises in the history of mankind. The galaxy far far away that reached deep into our hearts, lives, and family legacies.

Star Wars.

Star Wars has been embedded in our pop culture so well that we can't stop making more of it. With four new star wars movies scheduled for upcoming years, of which one a spin-off. Comic books, novels, fan fiction... You name it. They've made it. One of the bigger productions at the moment are the television series.

What's disappointing about them though, is that they're being marketed for a much younger audience. If you look at the Clone Wars and Rebels, adults can enjoy them, but they are obviously written and created for the enjoyment of a young audience. I understand that the Star Wars legacy need to be passed on to the younger generation..., but why can't we also have a tv series that is more centred towards adults? It's the adults that grew up with only the original Star Wars movies, why not give them a chance to relive their childhood?

Star Wars 'the Clone Wars', and Star Wars 'Rebels'
Star Wars 'the Clone Wars', and Star Wars 'Rebels'

After doing some research I found several good ideas for a live action Star Wars series, the best of which here. After thinking about some ideas relating to the subject, I came up with some awesome ideas for if they ever made live action Star Wars television series.

Between episode III and episode IV

Chronology wise, I think between episode III and episode IV would be the best choice for a spin off televisions series. Not only is there a lot of time in between the movies, but we also seem to forget that there is a full scale war going on that we know very little about.

The period between those two movies is pretty large and probably has a lot of important characters that played a role in the galactic civil war. A lot has happened in the fight against the empire that is completely open to interpretation.

With all we've been through, sometimes I'm amazed we're in as good condition as we are, what with the Rebellion and all.
- C-3PO

Between IV and V or I and II might be interesting too, but then we'd end up with....

New characters!

It seems like Star Wars can't let go of it's old friends, especially when it comes to TV series. We don't really meet many of the thousands of Jedi Knights. Instead we only meet about 20, and we keep seeing most of them over and over again. Then in The continuation, Star Wars Rebels, we begin a team of new characters, but we they're just bringing back Ahsoka and Captain Rex back from the Clone Wars. YOU HAVE AN ENTIRE GALAXY TO PICK FROM. WHY DO WE ALWAYS END UP WITH THE SAME PEOPLE?

Don't get me wrong. Not that I don't love Obi Wan and the gang, I just want to see some more diversity in character choice.

It would certainly be possible to have quick shots of character we already know like Darth Vader or the Emperor, but it's unnecessary to have any more than that.

Get outta here Captain Rex, We want some new people
Get outta here Captain Rex, We want some new people

Try out some new Alien species

Not only do we constantly see the same characters over and over again, but the same species as well. Human, Toydarian, Wookkie, Hutt, etc. Disney shouldn't be afraid to explore new alien species or new spins on the known ones. I personally would like to see species we see as weak or puny to be butt-kicking Jedi, like Ewoks, Ithorians (Hammerheads) or Aleena.

Why not also take a step away from humanoid? It would be very cool to see one of the creatures like Dex or from episode II or some large tentacle species fighting Imperial stormtroopers.

Don't make stormtroopers ridiculous

This is one I think we all want to see. For years now there have been many jokes made about Stormtroopers not being able to hit a single target. Because of that it's hard for us to take them seriously.

How could they pose a threat if they can't even shoot you? If we want to make them a serious opposition in a TV series, they should be portrayed as an elite force which is very effective at taking out rebel forces. Of course vice versa should also be taken into consideration. The rebels are just a bunch of self trained guerrillas that will have difficulty with taking out Imperial outposts.

Go in the direction that Daredevil did

If you have some of my other articles you'll know that I went absolutely went crazy for Netflix' Daredevil, but this is separate from that.

As Marvel already has the younger and middle audiences secure with movies, comic book and toys, they needed to attract some older audiences. That's why they decided to make a dark and gritty series like Daredevil, which so far has been a great success. What if Star Wars was to do the same thing? It does't necessarily be a Netflix series, but Star Wars would do great, and get more people excited.

However, they would need to hold on to the original feel to Star Wars, but I'm confident they'd be able to pull it off. I would for more want to see some more violence and darker themes.

More about a Star Wars Netflix series can be found in an awesome article by Aaron Hubbard here

That's all for me, don't hesitate to comment some stuff you'd like to see in a Star Wars series.


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