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Guardians of the Galaxy 2

This will be my first article ever written, and I could not be more excited that it's for this topic. Post-credit scenes have been a crucial and exciting part in the marvel cinematic universe. They leave viewers clinging to the edge of their seats as it teases them with events and movies to come. My post-credit will be for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and will kick off the anticipation and excitement for the Infinity Wars.

The scene

The camera would start with a view of the sky and the ocean next to the city of Xandar. Peaceful blues and white colors in sight. The camera starts to pan right. Getting closer to the city, the colors start to changes from blues and whites, to oranges and reds as camera pans fully to the city of Xandar in flames.

The camera then cuts to the vault room where bodies of nova corp soldiers can be seen. Lights flicker and electricity sparks from the destruction. The camera then cuts to a shot of a woman's feet hanging from a foot off the ground. The camera cuts to a face shot of Glenn Close as Nova Prime. Someone seems to be chocking her, the audience notices a purple hand. The camera cuts behind Nova Prime. The hand lets go and Thanos is seen. Thanos walks over her and breaks open the vault to the power gem. He opens up the orb and puts the gem in his gauntlet saying "one down".

Thanos then walks out to the city. He raises his hand, plam facing him. The gem begins to illuminate purple. He clenches his fist and Xandar is obliterated. "Five to go" thanos says with a smile.

End scene.

Why we need to see a post-credit scene such as this

This may be a little darker than Disney would like to go, but we need to see something like this. This shows just how destructive and dangerous Thanos really is. Just seeing the city is ruins is enough to tell the viewer that Thanos will stop at nothing to retrieve what he desires. Seeing what he is capable of, just by himself before he obtains the gem, gives viewers an idea of what t expect from Thanos when he goes after the other gems.

Try to imagine how epic and grand a post-credit scene like this would be. Seeing this, to start off the long and exciting wait for the Infinity Wars. Hope you like this, and let me know what you think in the comments! Thank you!


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