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I am going to tell all of you guys things I know about Scorpion hope you like it, and enjoy.

Scorpion is about 5 and half genies plus 2 ordinary people. They go around different places and help/ save people's lives. It is very dangerous because they could also get heart doing it.

With all of that Paige has to take care of her son Ralph. Ralph is also a genies, but the team does not know what kind he is yet. He knows about everything the team knows.

Happy: He special -T is making things out of different parts. She loves working on machines. When she is stressed she hits things with a wrench. Happy is not that social the only people she talks to is her dad, and the team. Than when she does talk to others she is a bit loud. (Happy is my favorite)

Toby: His special-T is seeing how people act to things. For example, when someone is hiding something he is able to spot it out. Toby likes to gable a lot. What he does when he has nothing else what to do it make jokes.

Walter: He is the leader of Scorpion. Walter does not understand people in fact none of them understand except Paige and Agent Gallo. When he talks to people other than the team he talks in a way that they do not get.

Sylvester: He is the human calculator. When there is a mission going most of the time he is at the garage giving them the directions where to go. Sylvester is really careful about somethings and taking percolation. For example when he is in the car he tells everyone to have a seat belt on then he says a fact about it also.

Agent Gallo: He gets the missions of Scorpion. He works for Homeland Security and works for Scorpion. Gallo is able to use any thing necessary. He is not always he brights, but has an eye for fighting.

Paige: She keeps everyone intact. When the team is on a mission, and they need to talk to people she is the one to do the job. It is really easy for her to do it, because she has a son Ralph.

That is the team :-)


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