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As the lights fade out in the theatre, and the audience's clapping dies down, everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for the post-credits sequence that MARVEL is famed for.

It begins.

There are waves lapping against the shore, with a ragged Bruce Banner curled up on the beach, passed out. Two figures walk up to him. One of them hovers and is cloaked in a darkened tone of red and yellow, very outlandish. The other seems to have come from the sea itself. Tall, and unpredictable he drops to one knee, trident in hand.

"He is strong." The tall one says.

"You have no idea," says Dr. Strange. "But like most men he has his weaknesses."

"He will survive this ordeal, I can feel the power of tides within him," says Namor. "This one we must save."

"I will do all that I can,"

He is not the threat we discussed." Namor says. You spoke of a being of darkness, one who's name I do not recall."

"Dormammu," Strange shudders, "The seals to the Dark Dimension are weakening. I have not been able to repair them since the Ancient One has passed."

"Stephen, you know I have worries of my own at the moment. A certain Captain Barracuda has begun some irregular hunting of tiger sharks at the moment. He is poaching them for the same scientists that hold DNA of an Atlantean in their hands." Namor says irritably.

"Do not lose control of yourself Sub-Mariner," Strange says. "I know you do not hold us surface dwellers in such high regard, but if Dormammu escapes from the Dark Dimension; no one will survive."

"First a man by the name of Nick Fury tries to request help against a certain Thanos, now you are here to request the help of Atlantis against the Doorman. Atlantis is the last stand, a final frontier if you will."

"Dormmamu most certainly knows of your existence, and if he succeeds in defeating us final sorcerers, then all of the Earth will be destroyed, even if he can not get here himself, he will get a friend of yours, I think Attuma is his name, to help him with promises of riches."

"Fine, it is not often my mind is changed, but the Sorcerer Supreme must be very concerned to approach us," says Namor, "but Atlantis can not fight an army from hell alone."

"And you won't, this man here has a strong heart, he will live as you say, and he will travel the stars, saving and destroying," says Dr. Strange. "If you are indeed half human as you say, then he is the type of human you should strive to be. Come. let us walk a short while farther. There is nothing more I can do for him. We have matters to discuss."

Fade to black and the whole audience is stunned, many don't understand who these people are and what there words mean. Those who do slowly begin to start cheering. As the audience exits, the most memorable part of the movie was that short 2 minute scene at the end.


What does anyone think of this?

Please let me know of any specific improvements in the comments.


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