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First off we have main theme from the first Avengers film. Composed by the brilliant Alan Silvestri. If you don't feel like a superhero listening to this, you will never feel like one.

Kick Ass is quite a gritty film, so this piece of music fits in perfectly. This track features in the film when Hit Girl has the strobe light.

This is from the X-Men prequel X-Men First Class. Strings and electric guitars, what else could you possibly need?

Cleverly called The Incredits, this piece of music plays over the credits. I will fight anyone who says that The Incredibles aren't real superheroes. (Ok I won't fight you, because I am super weak, but I will be very upset with you).

I love this main theme. This makes me punch the air a lot. Great score, with hints of the original theme at the end. Cheeky Giacchino, cheeky.

Brian Tyler knows how to write a superhero score. Having composed scores for both Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World, he's kinda got a handle on it. So here is example number 1 of his superhero efforts.

Example number 2 of Brian Tyler's superhero work. You can hear the similarities but you can tell the difference between the two songs.

Hans Zimmer. The king of composers in my eyes. Here's the epic Rise from Nolan's final Batman outing. 7 minutes and 20 seconds of brilliance.


The latest superhero outing was of course Avengers: Age of Ultron. The score was a joint effort by Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman. This particular piece of music was composed by Elfman.


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