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Daenerys dragons image By Charlie Ans
Daenerys dragons image By Charlie Ans

So finally after a somewhat slow season, we get a massive all out battle between the creepy White Walker and Wildlings, and Kinights Watch. The whole scene leading up to the battle between the Wildlings, and Jon Snow was also exciting. I almost died when the Giant said What the F#@k you looking at? I was thinking the packs of zombies would have overtaken the Giant and turned it to a White Walker that would have been epic. Maybe they will do that in the future. This hasn’t been my favorite season of GOT, but it certainly has picked up a bit in the last two episodes.

Sansa, and Reek /Theon conversation was cool, and now Sansa knows that she may have some surviveing family members. I’m predicting that she gets Reek/Theon to snap out of it and help kill Ramsay. I’m not to crazy about the Arya storyline as I was hoping for either. I only hope we don’t have to watch her peddle oysters again for long.

Tyrion and Daenerys drink wine and quickly decide he is going to be her advisor, Ok, that was quick, I guess, they didn’t want to draw that out, but damn It was pretty fast. I thought maybe by the end of the season there’s only two left.

Anyways that’s my thoughts of the last GOT.

Did you all like it? Are you enjoying this season? Any predictions on big deaths by the end of the season??


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