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Next month, Ant-Man hits our screens, and while long-time Marvel fans will recognize the characters, for many casual viewers this will be a first introduction to Hanky Pym, Scott Lang, and the rest. There’s no doubt that Ant-Man will be joining the Avengers and the rest of the major players in the MCU further down the line, but for now, he’s still a lesser-known superhero – making a solo movie of his something of a riskier move for Marvel.

However, it seems now that Scott Lang may not be the only superhero making their MCU debut in July. Today, The Latino Review reported a rumor that another Avenger will be appearing in Ant-man: Spider-Man!

We already knew that the webslinger would be appearing fully in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War after a rights-sharing deal was struck with Sony earlier this year, but it’s nice to see that we’ll get a little build up before then (if these rumors are true). From the sounds of it, we’ll be getting mentions of Oscorp as well as Spider-Man himself.

Ant-Man will start planting the seeds for the character to make his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War as a fully-formed hero without an origin story retread. In the MCU, by the time Ant-Man occurs, Spider-Man exists.

We've heard an unconfirmed rumor there is "lots of" talk of/references to Spider-Man and OsCorp in the current version of Ant-Man.

Sounds good to me! Of course, Kevin Feige had already confirmed that we would not be seeing another origin story for Spidey this time around, so he was always going to enter the MCU as a fully-functional superhero (thankfully). This would be another confirmation of the fact that Spidey has existed for a while and will be joining the Avengers as an equal, which he truly deserves.

I’m hoping that “lots of talk” actually means a straight-up conversation about the character, and that we get more than glimpses of newspaper headlines or the Oscorp name in the background. As much fun as those kinds of easter eggs are for devoted Marvel fans, I really think that Spider-Man should get a much bigger and less subtle mention.

This could also involve some kind of explanation as to where, exactly, he was during the Battle of New York – after all, that’s his stomping ground, and one would assume he saw what happened there. At that point, was he too much of a kid to go running off into battle? Was he incapacitated at the time? Was he even, maybe, just not in the city at the time? Even superheros take vacations, after all!

Last but not least, I’m looking forward to some insect-name jokes. With Marvel’s love of humor and one-liners, there is just no way that they could let this one slide without a little giggle…

No matter how they do it, I would be thrilled to see Spidey making an appearance (even just as a reference) in Ant-Man, and I’m hoping that these rumors will come true!

Ant-Man comes out in theaters July 17th


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