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I love watching movie trailers, it's a fun way to get hyped for what's coming out in the future. Sadly, a lot of trailers may go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of internet news and buzz. That's why I've been gathering my favorite trailers for every month for the past four months. I feel it shows a little insight into what I'm interested in and for those that know me personally and/or trust my taste in film, offers them a look at some of the things I'll be keeping my eye on.

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1. The Good Dinosaur (November 25, 2015)

There's not a whole lot to be seen in this trailer, but nevertheless, it still has me hyped. I'm a huge dinosaur nut, or at least used to be; my dino-knowledge may have dwindled but my dino-passion still lives. Ever since I was a kid though, I've been saying that Pixar needs to make a movie with dinosaurs in it. Well, this year, I'm finally seeing that childhood wish come true. What's even crazier to think about is how we're getting two Pixar movies in one year! Normally we're lucky if we just get an annual film. But just this past month, we got 'Inside Out' and now we'll be getting The Good Dinosaur just in time for Thanksgiving!

Can't wait to see how this movie does, the actors attached are all great and I am desperately hoping we get a Rex (from Toy Story) cameo somewhere in this film, it'd almost be stupid not to give him a cameo.

2. 99 Homes (September 25, 2015)

I'm definitely an Andrew Garfield fan; something about his acting just really get activate the emotions of the audience. I'll never forget watching him in Never Let Me Go where he had a seen where he just was screaming at the top of his lungs out of anger and sadness. It might seem insignificant, anyone can scream right? Well, most times it just comes off as annoying and awkward, somehow, Andrew didn't allow that to happen. He grips your attention in every film he's in.

That's no different from what I've observed of his acting in 99 Homes. This tragic looking and true story really looks as though it will be an emotional roller-coaster. When I showed my wife the trailer she said that it looked like the kind of film that makes you mad, which I couldn't agree more. But sometimes I like those movies. Michael Shannon looks great in this movie too and I can't wait to see how he and Andrew play off each other.

3. Paper Towns (July 24, 2015)

I know that this movie has had a trailer way before June, but I didn't see it for the first time until this past month so I'm including it. Paper Towns starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne looks like a beautiful story and with it originating from the author who gave us The Fault in Our Stars, how could it be any less than great? It has that good balance of humor and drama and I it looks like the kind of film where I'll tell everyone: "I laughed, I cried, I loved that movie!" Let's hope it doesn't disappoint.

4. Vacation (July 29, 2015)

In a time where reboots, remakes, and half-cocked sequels are over-saturating cinemas, this one looks pretty good. The Chevy Chase Vacation movies were hilarious films that I remember watching as a kid and to hear that they were making a sequel to those in a modern day setting kind of made me cringe. But with Ed Helms leading the charge, as well as featuring many other great actors/actresses, I don't feel to hesitant to watch this movie.

A lot of the humor in this movie is fresh and doesn't look like the kind of movie where they try to recycle all the same jokes. This Hangover-style sequel looks

5. Z for Zachariah (August 21, 2015)

Margot Robbie's fame is ever on the rise as she's been selected to lead Z for Zachariah alongside great actors like Chiwetel Ejiofor and Chris Pine. Initially, when I saw the title for this film, I made the assumption that it would be a zombie-flick of some sort, and by all means, I think they mean to mislead you like that. But there are no zombies to be found in this trailer yet the thrills remain. With Margot Robbie's character believing herself to be the last person on Earth and then finding someone like Chiwetel Ejiofor, there's a sense of hope that rises. But when shady characters like the one Chris Pine arrive, things get a very, very tense.

The tone of this film seems to be strikingly similar to something like The Road with it's dusty, lifeless atmosphere and horrifying reality that all of humanity is wiped from the Earth. I cannot wait to check this movie out. It looks amazing.

6. Macbeth (October 2, 2015)

This looks eerie and haunting and amazing. I loved Michael Fassbender ever since I first saw him in X-Men: First Class. He's such a life force for films and your drawn to the characters that he plays. He's intimidating when he needs to be, he can break your heart on screen if he needs to, he's such a ranged actor and for him to star in a Macbeth film just makes perfect sense to me.

I love the dialogue of this film and I love the setting. It's very artistic, very authentic, and I think that this is going to be an extremely rewarding film to watch.

7. No Escape (September 2, 2015)

WOW! I mean, I cannot remember the last time I've seen Owen Wilson in an action movie. I think the last one that I saw him was Behind Enemy Lines. It was a great movie and actually kind of left me shocked that Owen Wilson didn't try to do even more big-budget action films. This one though, No Escape, looks to be a real edge-of-your-seat type of film. I think that this movie is going to be the kind that leaves your adrenaline boiling and possibly have you in tears by the end.

That scene where he threw his daughter off one roof to the other to at least try to save her life by not letting her get executed via gunshot really gripped my heart as a father as it would be one of the hardest things you'd ever have to do. This action-packed, emotional roller-coaster is definitely one that I'll want to check out for sure.

8. Bridge of Spies (October 16, 2015)

It's been a while since I watch a good Tom Hanks film, I'm sure there are some that are out there that he's done recently, but this film really caught my eye. I think the reason that is is because Tom Hanks has such a craving for good movies involving our US history. He played a great role Saving Private Ryan, he produced great shows like Band of Brothers on HBO.

Throw in Steven Spielberg, and you have a perfect combination. One is a legendary film maker, the other a legendary actor. Both men have such a passion for films like Bridge of Spies and I know that the story they tell will be reverent and made with love. This film looks to be a great film and definitely will be worth the watch.

9. The Martian (October 2, 2015)

Ridley Scott is an amazing director, Matt Damon is a great lead actor, and having these two collaborate on a project like this can yield forth good things. I'm so stoked to see this sci-fi thriller as it's sure to have all its audiences on the edge of their seat. This looks like they just took those isolation movies (Cast Away, Gravity, Moon) to a whole new level. It's cast members are all great too from Chiwetel Ejiofor, to Jessica Chastain, to Jeff Daniels, it just couldn't get any better.

Some say it looks like an 'Interstellar' prequel, and I'd say that I'm okay if it looks like that. There's still enough of an original story that I think it'll help distinguish it from films like Interstellar.


Now, I think because we are smack dab in the middle of Summer, we're seeing higher volumes of trailers being produced. These nine movies that I've shared with you are only half of the movies that I've wanted to share with you all. Because I didn't want to overly congest one article with eighteen trailers, I went ahead and split up the other films as a secondary article which I'll link below:

Movie Trailer Round-Up: From Hunger Games to Creed, 9 of June's Best Movie Trailers (part 2)

But before you go looking at that, why don't you share some of your thoughts and opinions about the movies below and don't forget to vote in the poll!


Which of these movies are you most excited for?


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