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Jump Ship Productions is producing a short film based off of Homer Simpson's movie script idea. It's about a killer robot driving instructor who travels back in time for some reason. His best friend is a talking pie.

Their Kickstarter Page just launched and they received staff pick within 24 hours. Currently, the project is the 6th most popular science fiction film, sits in the top 7% of all film projects, and is ranked in the top 11% of all Kickstarter projects based on popularity.

Original concept more concept art coming soon...
Original concept more concept art coming soon...

They took to Phoenix Comicon last weekend in a with a giant pie box!

“Following a hang-gliding accident, Homer literally drops in on married film stars Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin in their secluded hide-away where they go to escape the media,” (don @ minifie-1, 2015). “The couple and Homer become acquainted. Homer convinces the couple to allow him to be their assistant, while keeping it secret that the celebrity couple are in Springfield. Homer scares Ron Howard when he visits the couple and soon attempts to pitch a screenplay about a "killer robot driving instructor that travels back in time for some reason," as well as a talking pie, the robot's best friend.

Both his attempts at writing for the couple are unsuccessful” (Wikipedia, 2015). After Homer spoils the celebrities secrets to the citizens of Springfield, they "are then involved in a chase after Homer who has stolen their property for a mobile movie museum. It all ends in a court order restraining Homer from going near any celebrities - though Ron Howard decides that the whole story can supply the plot for his next film” (don @ minifie-1, 2015).

For more info about the project check out their Kickstarter Page or like their page on Facebook!


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