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Just like many of you, i saw that fake... disappointing... article on Spider Man being in the new Avengers after credit scene... It turned out to be a lie. There was no man washing windows and no spider man making fun of him. Just Thanos being bad ass. Now i have yet to accept the fact that our next spider man will be with a new actor (one much younger), but! Since i cant do anything about that ill just have to learn to love the next Spider Man since, well, i have been dedicated to the hero since i was a baby. All in all here is the after credit scene i imagined.

We see a bedroom a bed, desk with a computer, band and game posters on the wall. You can obviously tell that its a teenagers bedroom. The scene sets and then out of nowhere there's a loud thud and the room shakes a bit.

Then you hear as if someone was walking on the roof, you see something drop down past the window, but a hand grabs onto the edge, then a young man pushes the window open with his other hand and pulls himself inside.

He has a backpack on and his face looks a little beat up, he looks back out the window and waves to someone or something down below. He takes off his back pack throws it towards the camera and then lays onto his bed letting out a sigh.

The camera then focuses onto the backpack and you can clearly see something that's inside, its red and looks like mask. As the screen continues to focus on the mask inside the backpack you hear a phone ring and The kid picks up.

Kid: Whats up JJJ

you can hear a mufffled voice from the phone

Kid: AGAIN?!

More sounds of a muffled voice

Kid: You got it JJJ.

Then you hear the sound *THWIP* The backpack flies out of focus and the scene cuts out.

Thats how i imagined they would introduce Spider Man to the MCU


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