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Movie Pilot is having another contest to create your own post credit scene.

So I was thinking, what movie, TV show, or game, could use a post credit scene that doesn't already have one. And one movie came to mind, Godzilla(2014).

So let's say after the credits, the scene opens up with Dr. Serizawa speaking with the general in a secret base somewhere.

general: So do you think this Godzilla of yours is a threat?

Serizawa: He might be.

general: Should we go after him

Serizawa: No, we may still need him

geeral: For what?

Serizawa: The Mutos were just the beginning general. I fear something much bigger may be on it's way.

The camera then cuts to a vast ocean, leaving the audience wondering what else could lie beneath the cold dark waves.

Cut to black.


what could lie beneath these waves (image from
what could lie beneath these waves (image from

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