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Jurassic World hits our screens next week, and in the run up to that release, we are being treated to a slew of new TV spots and movie clips.

By now we all know that Jurassic World opens with a successful version of the theme park envisioned in Jurassic Park (because apparently they just didn't learn), but one with dinosaur trainers and a brand new attraction that is guaranteed to cause chaos.

In the new clip (Wow Factor), we see Chris Pratt as trainer Owen Grady, as he learns about the latest addition to the park - the genetically modified Indominus Rex.

I loved seeing Pratt sticking to his comedic roots with some great one liners - and in many ways, verbalizing the expected audience reactions. Pratt did phenomenally well blending action and humor in Guardians of the Galaxy, and now I'm looking forward to a similar approach in Jurassic World.

Next, we have the first of two new TV spots, with a focus on the Mitchell family, played by Judy Greer, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins.

It seems that these two boys will be the new Tim and Lex for the Jurassic franchise - adding appeal for younger viewers (it is PG 13, after all). On the island without parents, Zach and Grey are the nephews of park manager Claire Dearing - who is definitely not going to be asked to babysit again!

Finally, our last clip is a much more general overview of film, complete with creepy music and lots of teeth.

I actually really love that this spot sees Claire, previously shown as something of an uptight priss more concerned with money than safety, becoming a lot more bad-ass. No longer the perfectly pressed businesswoman in white, and looking more Lara Croft than park manager, I think she may be a surprisingly stand-out character and I can't wait to see more of her.

I'm not sure how many more clips and features can be fit into the next week, but if they are anything like these three, they will absolutely leave me wanting more!

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12th


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