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One of Hollywood's biggest stars is about to star in a remake of one of Hollywood's most Cult Classic films.

According to TheWrap, star of San Andreas and Furious 7, Dwayne Johnson, is set to star in the remake of Big Trouble In Little China, the cult classic fantasy film by John Carpenter. Negotiations are under way for the actor to star and also produce the film. The film will be written by X-Men First Class writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

Johnson will play Jack Burton, a trucker who gets dragged into an underworld of fantasy, magic and mystery in Chinatown, San Francisco. The role of Jack Burton was originally played by Kurt Russell.

Apparently the original Big Trouble In Little China is one of Johnson's all time favorite films and along with his producing partners over at Seven Bucks Productions, he pitched the idea for the remake to Fox Studios.

The original film only grossed a laughable $11 Million at the domestic box office, but went on to gain cult classic fame.

Just this weekend Dwayne Johnson starred in San Andreas, the new Earthquake-disaster flick that grossed $54 Million on its opening weekend. Johnson is a box office draw and is a major hit with both fans and critics.

As a fan of both the original film and Dwayne Johnson, I can happily say that I am all in for a Big Trouble remake. The original film is stupid and cheesy, but that's why we love it so much, and if the remake can bring the same amount of heart and satire then we should be in for a fun ride.

The ex wrestler turned Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson has quickly become one of my favorite acting personalities of all time. Not only is he electrifying up on screen, but he cares about the projects he's in dearly and loves his fans. San Andreas, which isn't a bad or a necessarily great movie wouldn't have been half as entertaining if it weren't for Johnson. He brings a lot to every film he's in and has proven that he can handle himself in action (Furious 7), comedy (Pain & Gain) and drama (Snitch) very well.

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