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First, I’ll say, I hope you enjoy this piece.

George Lucas was prepared to go to Hawaii, when Star Wars first debuted in May 1977, as told by Business Insider, at

I am not George Lucas. However, I have to imagine he, and his crew, did not know their collective efforts could make this epic of a film.

I refer to the article’s content, in a minor way, because I did not see this project coming. I do hope, one day, to write a “Star Wars”, or generate a similar hysteria in the movie theaters. If you have a dream to pursue the production of your film, or films, it will energize you as it happens. This was an opportunity to create work, and “see it come to life on screen.”

When your work finally hits the public, it is so much more than plain excitement. The synopsis, below, describes “Your Life” best.

Your Life is a short piece, with hints of action, and drama. This is the reality of control. She ‘s an independent woman, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her life is more complex, than we can know. With the wave of a gun, a despicable criminal, and past romance, directs her life, in that instant. She could be helpless. This is about control. How do you take it? She takes a stand. You don’t bow down. There’s no hiding. She takes command. It’s a dangerous situation. She understands “by any means necessary”. You take control. “

The project is complete. The hope is it is a scene someone sees. The plan is to make this a feature, one day. It is hard work, and credit earned, by all those involved. It makes you want to work on more films. I can only keep writing.

I can only think of other pieces that I would love to see on the screen. This is a magical opportunity. My associates make this happen, and I will always thank them for it. The one thing that matters most is that we operate as a singular group, in order to get the best performances, and production out of the piece. It is a good feeling to see your work, and know you can get behind the next project, as it comes to life, as well.

I wrote this project. Thank you, Leo Spade Productions. An up, and coming director Mike A. Pender, motivated the actors on screen, Miranda Thompson, and Kamal Bostic-Smith. Nakia Dillard was the casting director, for Your Life.

Tyronda Cannon was the assistant director. Kisha Porter worked on make-up, and Mister Enrique Joesphs Jr. was the film editor. Jacobi Simmons was the producer, that helped to bring it all together. Wendell Christie was the director of photography, and critical eye, on the set. This is a shout out. Yes, that is clear. It is also to prove a point. No production is possible without the collective.

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